PVC profiles

PVC profiles for windows and doors

The company’s PVC profile factory is the first and largest factory in all of Central Asia, which was opened in 2006. This factory was a major investment project of Galaksi Group for the production of PVC profiles for window and door systems. A PVC profile is the basic element of plastic windows and doors, made of PVC by the extrusion method, with specified shapes and cross-sectional dimensions.

PVC profiles of the plant, which is part of the Galaksi Group, are made in Almaty on Krauss Maffei production lines according to European technology and on the dies of the world-renowned extrusion company «Greiner Extrusion Technology».

For the manufacture of our profiles using raw materials from world famous brands. All the raw materials that make up PVC profiles are imported from countries such as Germany, Turkey, USA and China. Applied technologies and unique equipment in the factory allow for the shortest time to produce high-quality profiles of both standard and non-standard sizes and colors. Due to all these advantages, today the factory’s brands — galwin, ROSSI, vitro and Sieger, occupy a leading position in the market of Kazakhstan.

The factory manufactures PVC profiles of 70 mm, 60 mm, 58 mm and 53 mm mounting depth.

PVC profile system of our factory galwin 60, galwin 70 and Sieger 70 accord with class A according to GOST 30673-2013 and DIN EN 12608:2003.
PVC profile system ROSSI 60, ROSSI 53, vitro 58, vitro 60, vitro 70 are of class B according to GOST 30673-2013 and DIN EN 12608:2003.

Our plant is the founder of PVC profiles in Kazakhstan and provides customers with a full range of PVC profiles. These are both standard profiles of 6.5 meters in length and all kinds of profiles.

PVC laminated profiles

The Galaksi Group PVC systems factory produces profiles in white and in laminated form. PVC profile lamination is a process whereby a colored film is rolled over the hot PVC profile under temperature and mechanical pressure at very low speed. Our factory uses in laminating profiles multilayer embossed films of South Korean brand LG Hausys. LG Hausys laminating films of Exterior Foil line is a modern high-tech product that provides not only an exclusive look, but also long term reliable protection against external influences.

In our factory, the profiles are laminated on one or both sides, depending on customer preference. The base of the lamination can also be colored or white, depending on the customer’s order. Standard lamination colors: Antarcite, walnut, dark oak, golden oak, mahogany, sheffield gray oak and sheffield light oak.

PVC window sills

Plastic window sills perfectly integrate into almost any interior design of a room and organically emphasize its overall style. Due to the wide range of colors, they can perform a decorative function, as well as give a complete look to the window units.

Plastic window sills are reliable, durable and practical in operation.

PVC window sills are produced under ROSSI and verde brands that meet all quality standards. Standard colors of window sills produced: anthracite, walnut, dark oak, golden oak, mahogany, sheffield gray oak and sheffield light oak.

PVC slope system

Window linings made of PVC — a practical and reliable material for lining internal and external linings. They give the window opening aesthetic appearance, protect the installation joint from adverse external influences and prevent heat leakage. Plastic trim does not need to be painted every year, it does not absorb dirt and does not fade due to exposure to sunlight.

The PVC systems factory manufactures the ROSSI branded lining system.