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Think globally — produce locally

Pioneer and Leader

Galaksi Group is one of the «pioneers» of foreign investors in Kazakhstan and has always been the first to open production facilities in its sectors and act as a business academy.

Replacing Imports

All investments «replace imports» for Kazakhstan.

Important role

The Group has played a very important role in the development of local production and the development of the PVC and aluminum sector in Kazakhstan.

Beginning of development

Galaksi Group was founded in 1994 and started its business in Kazakhstan as an FMCG distributor, with the aim of investing in the production of Central Asian countries. The main business of the company is related to the production of PVC and aluminum profiles for window and door systems, pipes and fittings. Today the company conducts its business confidently in the market of Kazakhstan as well as outside of it. The company’s head office and production facilities are located in the city of Almaty.

Local manufacturing

Until 1996, the company imported all products from other countries: Turkey, Germany, China. But then it decided: instead of importing materials, they could be produced here, and changed its strategic plans, directing investments to the development of production in Kazakhstan with world quality standards. This idea found support in the Kazakhstan 2030 Strategy, aimed at the production of building materials for the reconstruction of former and implementation of new projects.

Growth and development history


Galaksi Group was founded in 1994 in Almaty, Kazakhstan


The first pipe plant in Kazakhstan was launched — herkul


The first plant for the production of aluminum profiles in Kazakhstan was opened — alugal


The first plant for the production of PVC profiles opened in Almaty — galwin


Production of accessories for double-glazed windows started with Nedex Group in Almaty


Production of window and door accessories with AKPEN started in Almaty


A company was founded to design and sell merchandise


A wholesale powder paint company was founded


PVC and PP fittings plant was founded in Almaty


A company was founded to produce brass metal and fittings


A recycling company was founded

Galaksi Group companies

Company producing aluminum systems for windows, doors and facade systems

The company’s investor is the Galaksi Group. The company was founded in 2002. Production is located in Almaty, Kazakhstan. The total investment amount is 10 million U.S. dollars. Number of employees — 152 persons.

— 5000 tons of aluminum profiles, 3000 tons of painted aluminum profiles
— 6,000 tons of aluminum ingots.

The plant was founded in 2002 and is one of the first non-waste enterprises in Kazakhstan for the production of aluminum profiles for construction purposes. The plant is actively developing, occupying a leading position in the domestic market. Works on modernization of production sections, expansion and renewal of the aluminum profiles nomenclature are carried out on a constant basis.

The production includes: a foundry area equipped with a modern melting and casting complex, a set of furnaces for the homogenization of aluminum cylindrical ingots; three automated complexes with presses with a 2000 ton-force, 1800 ton-force and 1460 ton-force; two automatic painting lines.

In 2014 and 2017, equipment was upgraded and production capacity was increased. In 2014, Alugal acquired a new production site in Burundai Industrial Zone, Almaty Region to move the plant to Boraldai Industrial Zone and expand production capacity and products. A 10,000-square-meter building was constructed. As of today, the new plant already has a large foundry and a press for making aluminum ingots and ingots.

Company producing PVC profiles for window and door systems; the largest PVC extrusion company

The company’s investor is the Galaksi Group. The company was founded in 2006. Production is located in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Total investment: 20 million U.S. dollars. Number of staff: 300 people.

Production: 15000 tons of PVC window profiles, 5000 tons of window sills, 3000 tons of PVC pipes, 5000 tons of PP pipes, 1500 tons of fittings, 1000 tons of TPV seals.

The plant began production in 1997 with the production of PVC sewer pipes. In 2002, the production of PP pipes and fittings began. In 2006 the production of window profiles began, and in 2015 the production of window sills began. The plant is the largest in its sector throughout Central Asia and has: 19 extrusion lines for PVC window profiles, 2 extrusion lines for window sills,5 extrusion lines for PP pipes, 2 extrusion lines for PVC pipes, 15 injection molding machines for injection molding fittings,5 lamination lines, 3 lines for TPV seals production. Total production capacity exceeds 30,000 tons.

At the end of 2022, the company has bought a new plant in Burunday with an area of 3 hectares. This was done to expand the plant, improve the technology in the plant, and to increase the production capacity.

GALAKSI Group for the sale of tubing and fittings

The plant began production in 1997. The company’s investor is Galaksi Group.

The main activity of the company is to provide piping solutions on the Kazakhstani market. The company produces pipes under the trademark «herkul» and is also the exclusive distributor of WAWIN PILSA products in Kazakhstan.


GALAKSI Group for the realization of window and facade systems

The company is also engaged in the implementation of various projects. This company is which is to become a global brand for window and facade systems. The main activity of the company is designing aluminum constructions, implementation of RUIT brand.

GALAKSI Group for the production of PVC and PP fittings in Almaty

The main activity is to provide pipeline solutions in the Kazakhstan market.

A company for recycling plastic waste and plastic products

It is part of the profitless production held by the Galaksi Group.

Joint ventures in Kazakhstan

Company for the production of window and door fittings

The company is a Kazakh-Turkish company. The company is the official representative of AKPEN PLASTIK (Turkey).

Founded in 2015. Officially started production on 30.04.2016. The company provides jobs for more than 100 people. The production base of the company is more than 6000 square meters (2 hectares of land). Location: Almaty region, Iliysk district, Boraldai settlement. Annual volume (capacity) of production: more than 5000 tons of finished products.

Share of own content in production: 90 %. The company refers to the number of companies with non-waste production. The company has its own foundry. The company exports 40% of its total sales (Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Russia). The range of products: aluminum window handles, aluminum door handles, window hinges, door hinges, adjustable 3D hinges, strips, impost connectors, and spindles.

A company for the production of insulating glass materials

The company was founded together with the large international holding Nedex, which was established in 1999. Nedex is one of the world’s largest manufacturers, of components for insulating glass. Holding has 2 plants for production of molecular sieve (Turkey, Ukraine), 7 plants for production of sealant (Turkey, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Germany, Iran). A joint company between Galaksi Group and Nedex, which is located in Kazakhstan (Almaty), is currently the largest plant for the production of components for insulating glass units throughout Central Asia.

The company on distribution of powder paint for aluminum products in Kazakhstan, as well as the distribution of masterbatch , dyes for plastic pipes and plastic products in Kazakhstan
Company for the production of brass blanks and brass fittings
Company for selling facade facing materials

The value of Galaksi Group’s participation in the Kazakhstani market


The Group has already invested more than $50 million in Kazakhstan and directly provides 1,000 jobs, with 97% of the companies’ employees being Kazakhstani citizens. Indirectly with dealers and customers providing jobs, the number of jobs is approximately 5,000.

Commercial Ambassador

Galaksi Group is also a good model for foreign investors. The company’s founders represent the Kazakh business community as a voluntary trade ambassador.

Share of investments

At present Galaksi Group’s 60% share belongs to the Dutch company NEGAL B.V. Galaksi Group’s current joint ventures are proof and a good example of how stable and successful joint projects with investors are implemented.


The Group has official dealers in all major cities of Kazakhstan. The Group already exports its products to countries such as Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Russia, Mongolia and Azerbaijan directly from its plants located in Almaty.

We’re in numbers

Over 1,000 people

Direct employees

Over 5,000 people

Total number of indirect employees

$50 million

Total investment to date