Galaksi Group

Trust in the business since 1994

About the Group

Since its founding in Kazakhstan,

Galaksi Group’s currently existing joint ventures are proof and a good example of how stable and successful joint projects with investors are implemented.

Manufactured products

Galaksi Group manufactures more than 40 types of window, door and facade systems and has 11 registered trademarks. The choice of products from our factories is an indicator of quality and reliability in the approach to the construction of the Client’s object.

We work with private clients, architects and large contractors all over Kazakhstan.

Human capital

Galaksi Group has more than 1,000 workers in Kazakhstan, thus the company ensures the creation of jobs and the development of human capital. Indirectly with dealers and clients providing work, the number of jobs is approximately 5,000.

By investing in production facilities, we also contribute to the corporate culture and career development of the group’s employees.