Aluminium Composite Panels

Composite sheets ALUCOBOND

ALUCOBOND composite sheets — perfectly adapts to the complex, smooth contours of a building — like a second skin. The combination of plasticity, evenness, stability and weathering resistance makes this material unique. Due to its multi-layered structure ALUCOBOND can take many forms. The material’s excellent formability does not affect its rigidity and smoothness.

ALUCOBOND for rear-ventilated facades offers energy-saving, cost-effective and architectural quality. The back-ventilation technique is suitable for the creation of facades for both new and existing buildings, for roof structures, corporate identity programs and interiors.

ALUCOBOND with its extensive processing possibilities and its economical cost structure is ideal for exceptional projects. Coatings can be applied in a variety of ways and processed directly on-site with conventional tools to give your project a unique look — and that’s thanks to the composite materials’ outstanding durability, which lasts for decades without additional investment.

Unsurpassed quality, durability and distinctive appearance — ALUCOBOND stands for the principles of sustainable construction and the highest creative standards. This façade material is characterised by its perfect flatness, variety of surfaces and colors as well as excellent plasticity.

The thickness of ALUCOBOND panels core can be adjusted during the lamination process and cut to the desired shape. All painted panels are supplied in a protective foil.


ALUCOBOND PLUS is an aluminum composite panel consisting of two aluminum sheets and a mineral core. The excellent qualities of the material inspire specialists and make innovative solutions possible in a wide range of architecture — from private residential buildings, public buildings, representative company offices, to large commercial and industrial centers. Here it is above all the buildings that create their own individual image via their corporate identity, be they petrol stations, car dealerships, banks or supermarkets. ALUCOBOND offers numerous solutions for applications in the transport and industrial sector.


ALUCOBOND A2 is our non-combustible aluminum composite panels for architecture which meet the requirements of all important standards in the world. Thanks to the mineral core, ALUCOBOND A2 meets the strict requirements for fire protection and thereby expands the possibilities in creative building concepts and design. ALUCOBOND A2, like all products in the ALUCOBOND family, is easy to work with, resistant to impact, fracture and weathering and, above all, non-combustible.


ALUCORE®, unlike conventional composite panels with a honeycomb core, is produced by a continuous viscoelastic bonding process. This is the basis for the high quality of the product. At ultra-high bending stiffness the material remains elastic and has unique indicators for resistance to delamination. ALUCORE combines the mechanical properties like the tensile strength of the covering sheets on the one hand, and the ease of processing on the other. The excellent aesthetic qualities make ALUCORE the material of choice for planners, architects and designers.

The roll-fed production technology makes it possible to produce panels up to 9 meters long with a flawlessly smooth surface. Using conventional tools, you can easily produce structurally perfect parts for various applications.

Due to its special qualities, ALUCORE is ideal not only for exterior work such as cladding facades, balconies, framing roofs, making awnings, etc., but also for interior work, various modules, ceiling cladding as well as for the transport and industrial sectors.

In addition to light weight and excellent flatness ALUCORE is highly resistant to any weather conditions. For the exterior surface finish, exclusively high quality lacquer systems are used that are resistant to negative atmospheric factors and industrial emissions, throughout the entire service life.

The base consists of aluminum alloy foil AlMn (EN AW 3003) Mesh size: 9.5 mm.
The outer sheets of ALUCORE panels are made of the anticorrosive alloy Peraluman (AlMg/5005A) and can be made according to the purpose of use — decorative or structural.

Alucotte ventilated facade

Cladding aluminum panels are used in the finishing of the facade of buildings. The panel is resistant to mechanical stress, aesthetic appearance, ease of installation. The service life of the panels is equal to the service life of the building. It is a good alternative to Alucobond and expensive natural stone. Aluminum panels «Alucotte» does not burn, and the entire system has a lightweight structure.

When installing the panel, you can choose the size of the panel and its length:
Panel height 130mm, 150 dam, 200 lam.
The length of the panel up to 6 meters Any color coating according to the RAL system.

In this system we have provided the following solutions:
— Vertical interior and exterior corners;
— Horizontal inside and outside corners;
— External slopes;
— Rotations at an angle of more than 90 degrees;
— Universal corner adapter;
— Seamless aluminum panel, thanks to which there is no restriction on the height of the set of panels without visible horizontal seams, a multiple of 150 mm.

The «Alucotte» system has successfully passed KazNIISA vibrodynamic tests for seismic resistance.