Window & Door Accessories

Aluminium window handles

The window handles in combination with the profile are the most important element of the window design. Today, aluminum handles have become the best substitute for plastic handles due to their durability, lightness and affordability.

Our factory produces window handles in the best colors and shapes to accentuate the classic or modern design of your window. The basic colors are white and brown, a small popularity is enjoyed by the colors silver and gold.

Fores handles have high technology and long-lasting functionality.

Aluminum door handles, interior handles

Door handles made of aluminum are easy to use, durable and inexpensive. They are made in different designs, so it is easy to choose the right one for your particular door.

Aluminum door handles have advantageous technical characteristics. In particular, these are:
— Durability. Door handles made of aluminum do not break. The design withstands the load, does not deform over time.
— Long service life. Aluminum door handles last a long time due to low susceptibility to the influence of the external environment. If you want to buy a product and not think about its soon replacement, aluminum models are an excellent option.
— Resistance to corrosive processes. Aluminum door handles can withstand high humidity.
— High-quality coating.
— Low weight. Door handles made of aluminum are lightweight. Due to this they are easy to install, they do not weigh down and do not deform the door leaf.
— Affordable price. The price for aluminum door handles is not expensive.
— Due to the plasticity of the material it is possible to make aluminum door handles of different sizes, designs and shapes.

The main colors are white and brown, the colors silver and gold are also popular.
Fores factory manufactures door and interior handles from high-quality aluminum alloy, which guarantees reliable quality at an affordable price.

3D adjustable aluminum hinge

Door hinges are important elements that ensure the effective opening of the door leaf.

The most popular hinges for PVC doors have 3 adjustments — height, horizontal and pressure. As a rule, the maximum horizontal adjustment is up to 15mm, the vertical adjustment can be 4-10mm, the hinge is less adjustable, about 1.5mm.

Window and door hinges

Hinges for plastic products — an element of hardware, usually made of metal alloy, designed to connect the frame and sash of a window or door construction, which results in the ability to open and close the door leaf.

Fores factory manufactures hinges for window and door constructions made of PVC.

Door hinges are classified into hinges for narrow (window) profiles and hinges for wide (door) profiles. Usually hinges with width up to 90 mm are used for narrow profiles, and up to 110 mm for wide profiles.

The maximum weight of the hinge also depends on the profile used and may vary from 80 kg (for narrow profiles) up to 160 kg (for wide profiles). The color gamma of the hinges provided by the factory is varied, the main colors include white and brown, a small popularity of the colors silver, gold. Hinges made of metal alloy can be repainted in the desired color.

Window response strips

The response strip for PVC windows is a responsible part, made of high-strength steel. It is installed on the vertical mullion of the supporting frame, strictly opposite the locking studs.

Support strips are attached to the mullion with two or more self-tapping screws. Ensuring its static position, which guarantees increased burglary resistance of the fencing structure.

Responsive bar for PVC windows — one of the most important elements of furniture, which is responsible for the reliability of locking and tightening the sash of the window to the vertical mullion of the supporting frame.

Depending on the type of opening and design features of the sash, strips may be tilt-turn, standard, reinforced, casement, or slot ventilation.

Fores factory produces strips for many manufacturers of PVC profiles in Kazakhstan and Central Asia as a whole.

Impost connectors

The metal-plastic window is made of a special profile. In order to get the right size and configuration of the window, it is necessary to choose the right types of profiles and connect them to each other using special fasteners and fittings. One of the key components of plastic windows are mullion joints, a wide range of which is available at the Fores factory. The factory produces only metal types of mullion joints. Metal mullion connectors are considered of higher quality, because they are more durable, better able to withstand loads and cope well with temperature and humidity fluctuations.

There is no universal mullion connectors. For each profile, the manufacturer makes its own connectors. Of course, you can find non-original connectors on the market, which are selected according to the profile used. Well, it is better to give preference to the original fasteners, because it is times more reliable. That is why the Fores factory manufactures impost connectors for each manufacturer individually.