Powder Coatings

Powder coating for aluminum products

Our company is the exclusive distributor of «Pulver» powder paint in Kazakhstan. Production of Pulver powder paint is located in Turkey.

Powder paint is a type of paint ground to the micron size, solvent-free, consisting of solid raw materials such as resin. All the raw materials of powder paint, such as pigment, hardener, filler and additives are used in a solid state and brought to homogeneity by stirring.

Environmentally friendly and ready to use, powder coatings creating a decorative surface are used today in many industries, from architecture to automotive industry, from MDF coating to glass, ceramics and household appliances.

The benefits of powder paint can be summarized briefly as follows:
— Powder paint is environmentally friendly.
— The amount of energy required to ignite the powder is much higher than that of liquid paints.
— Powder has less negative health effects than other paints.
— The powder is ready to use. Does not require mixing or dilution with a liquid.
— The powder paint technique is easy to use and takes very little time to train the operator.
— Powder paint can be used on all types of decorative surfaces.

Types of powder coatings:
Powder coatings are divided into different types depending on the application and purpose:
— Epoxy
— Epoxy Polyester
— Polyester
— Polyurethane
— Acrylic

— Appliance industry (refrigerators, washing machines and dishwashers)
— Aluminum profiles, architecture (windows, doors, bike frames)
— Automotive industry (engine blocks, shock absorber springs, wipers)
— Special surfaces (shelves, metal covered with wood or marble patterns, furniture)
— Health and hygiene products (hospital and restaurant equipment, children’s playgrounds)
— Paints for insulation (panel and oil radiators, towel heaters)
— Surfaces that require high heat resistance (stoves)
— Surfaces requiring high corrosion resistance (tankers)
— MDF materials (kitchen counters, wooden doors and windows)
— Anti-graffiti coating (billboards, traffic signs, school boards, writing boards)
— Chemical resistant coatings (fuel tanks, food shelves)
— Decorative surfaces (elevator doors, steel doors)
— Glass/Ceramics (figurines, essence bottles, light bulbs, vases, vases)