Our company is the exclusive distributor in Kazakhstan for Plastiblends masterbatch, whose production is located in India. As a rule, plastic products have only two basic shades: white and gray. All other colors are obtained by adding special dyes even at the stage of production of plastic products.

Masterbatch, translated from English, means super concentrate. It is a common designation for dye concentrates, polymer additives, pigments, which are widely used in the manufacture of plastic products, giving them the desired color. Masterbatch for polymers has a wide range of colors, both the basic colors of the rainbow, and intermediate shades that allow you to play with the color of your choice.

Color set

Among the main shades in demand are:
— Black masterbatch, in the production of which carbon black is used. The higher the % of it in the dye, the less the latter is needed to give the desired shade to polymeric materials.
— White superconcentrate is produced using titanium dioxide. This component provides uniformity of coloring, which allows obtaining white plastic of high quality.
— Colored masterbatches are produced with addition of coloring pigments used for coloring of polymers and polyethylene films.

It should be emphasized that coloring pigments of organic and inorganic origin are used to impart the necessary shade to superconcentrates. The latter are represented by titanium dioxide, soot, calcium carbonate and chrome pigments. They are resistant to atmospheric phenomena, temperature changes, have migration resistance.

Among organic pigments it is possible to allocate pigments of molecular-crystalline structure: phthalocyanic, triphenylmethane, polycyclic, azo-pigments. They have a wide range of colors, but are somewhat inferior in physical indicators to the class of inorganic pigments.

Monochromatic masterbatches are produced by one-step processing. The creation of colored superconcentrates is possible by the method of multistage technology.

The use of flecks and flitters allows coloring under the appearance of rocks: marble and granite. The method implies applying of inclusions by scales, dots, polymer threads or fibers even at the stage of coloring of polyethylene products.
Also, to date, gaining popularity masterbatches, allowing to give special effects to propylene products. Dyes of pearl shades, opalescent, phosphorescent, fluorescent, iridescent colors should be noted in this series. They are used to achieve a certain effect in the creation of advertising projects, the production of road signs, distinctive clothing, toys, etc. That is, their purpose is to provide the necessary visual effect.