LG Hausys Exterior Foil laminates are a modern, high-tech product that provides not only an exclusive look, but also long-term, reliable protection against external influences. Our own production of PVC components and raw materials from leading chemical concerns have allowed us to create a material that successfully competes with the best examples on the market.
Like many other LG products, lamination films have already gained popularity and acceptance with manufacturers worldwide. With today’s best price to quality ratio, our partners can use a product of the globally recognized brand to their maximum advantage.
Features of LG Hausys Exterior Foil:
Exterior Foil are used for laminating:
• PVC windows and sliding systems;
• shutters, garage doors, fences;
• wall panels.

UV resistance
• color fastness;
• no deformation.

Resistance to moisture
• maximum adhesion to the product for many years;
• colorfastness.

Energy efficiency
• Reflects infrared rays and lowers the temperature of laminated profiles;
contains a special inorganic pigment for active protection against infrared rays maintains stability in the size of PVC profile;
• minimizes energy losses.

Stylish design
• will give the building individuality and unique style;
• the variety of colors and textures.

increased wear resistance
• modern production technologies.

LG Hausys Exterior Foil lamination films, designed for exterior applications in the most demanding climates around the world, avoid high temperatures, high humidity and exposure to UV rays.

LG Hausys produces not just any lamination film, but a PVC film coated with acrylic, which makes the laminated window resistant to various mechanical damages and completely indifferent to the climatic conditions: the film is resistant to moisture, not exposed to UV rays, it does not fade and does not peel. In the production of the film are added special substances that prevent fading.

It is proved that the color plastic window that has undergone the process of lamination, resistant to temperature fluctuations, and its life increases many times over. The film is not sensitive to such things as ammonia water, aliphatic benzines, weak aqueous solutions of alcohol, cleaners (not rubbing), water, cement, plaster, installation foam. Since acrylic coating does not contain pores, even the smallest particles of dust will not be able to spoil the appearance of the window, even after a long period of operation.

Production and quality control of LG Hausys products corresponds to all the world standards and is confirmed by international certificates DIN EN ISO 9001.