Aluminium profiles

Aluminum profiles

Aluminum profile is a modern light and durable construction material that allows to create complex engineering systems for various purposes. It is produced by hot extrusion (product molding by extruding the material through the extruder matrix), with various aluminum-based alloys as the initial raw material. Aluminum alloys are a unique material, it combines a whole set of useful properties: corrosion resistance, high thermal and electrical conductivity, lightness, strength and plasticity. Properties of the alloy, determining the characteristics of the product, depend on its composition, method of manufacture and additional processing.

Aluminum profiles are easy to machining — grinding, drilling, milling. They are well welded by gas, contact, friction and other welding. Profile structures are becoming increasingly common today, especially in construction and industrial production.

One of the important key activities of our company is the production of aluminum profile according to drawings, designs or sketches for various applications.